Bikes help us achieve practical goals and become like well worn instruments. They are like teachers which challenge and test us. They can transform our body and heal our mental state. In essence they are a partner, and like other partners we romanticize them as they are and as we would like them to be. We find and define ourselves through our machine and our adventures with them. --Stephen Bilenky

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Introducing The Potis Strap Tue, 11 Mar 2014 00:27:00 +0000
This is a brilliant idea that I wish I'd thought of, but didn't.  It came from the mind of Mr. Potis.

1. Bungie-cord loop through strap-loops on the bottom of your rando bag. (I just tied off the bungie cord with a simple square knot.)
Potis strap

2. The bungie-cord loop fits through the front loop of your front rack, and over the backstop.
Potis strap

3. Then you fit the bag on the rack as usual.  The bungie cord keeps the front of the bag nice and snug to your rack!
Potis strap

Easy on-and-off.  Brilliant!